Adizee is a communication agency specialized in Web Design & Digital strategy.

Ethics & Skills of Adizee

Our web agency provides its professional expert consultants to accompany you in every step of your project: audit and consulting, project assistance, design, development.
Adizee regroups various skills in order to provide you with a complete service offering.
Our consultant�s diversity of qualifications allows us to respond effectively to all types of demands and to offer customized projects that meet the expectations of our customers: interface design, templates, SEO, web design ...

Our goal : A long term customer satisfaction.

Find the developer of your dreams.
This profile is rare : 40% of young startups would cite �developer�s shortage� as the main cause of their failures!

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Adizee offers you a reliable service


Creation/optimization of your website for a better Return On Investment (ROI).
We have the following technical skills : Php/Mysql, Wordpress,Joomla!, Magento,Prestashop, HTML5/CSS3, Ajax/Jquery/Bootstrap.

Mobile Application Development

We help you develop your own mobile apps because accessibility equals a larger network of costumers. The mobile applications will provide on-hand informations to your costumes, that way you reach a wider audience and enhance your opportunities at all levels.

Web Marketing

We help you improve your traffic�s quality and the number of your visitors on the long term.
We offer a natural search engine optimization service (SEO) helping you appear on Google's first search pages. We also create and manage your E-mailing campaigns.

Visual Identity

We help you stimulate your prospect's imagination with an eye-catching visual identity!
We use Photoshop and Illustrator and to make your business card, brochures, or a logo....We offer you several packages depending on your needs.

Original & Customized CV

Because the time spent on reading your r�sum� is less than 60seconds, better make it worth the time!
Our professional graphic designers will tailor your resum� and let the recruiters find you.

Content Writing

We assure you a high quality creative content.
Contact our experts to take on your tasks related to Content Writing, layouts, Brochures, translations, correction of your commercial documents...

Photography Studio

Whether for : a professional portrait, a company portrait, corporate events, product / Fashion Design, Form Book, family portrait, a shooting with friends, ID card; passports, PNC, catering / retouching photos, or movie transfers.

3D Production Studio

3D Architecture, Prototyping, industrial 3D, 3D logos
Use your 3D as a real communication or project development medium. Our 3D designers will give life to your project from an Autocad and Sketchup file or simply from a drawing

Web Security

We help protect your website from any hacks, denial of services, data leaks, impersonation, any intrusion attempt and other threat hindering your business growth. Network Pentesting, Code Review, Firewall, IPS, WAF, PCI-DSS and E-banking.


We help you grow your business by offering you: digital and brand strategies, online media planning, digital analytics, tender specifications...We help you meet your challenges: What are your customer's expectations? What are your needs, goals and targets? How can you increase your notoriety and visibility?

Video Motion Design

The agency is willing to provide you with a wide range of animated videos for your company�s communication. We use MudBox, After Effects, Premiere pro and Sony Vegas to make the videos you need, whether a video presentation, a launching video for your product, for a mobile application or for pedagogical use...

Software Design

One of the specificities of Adizee is the development of customized software.
Made after an accurate and detailed analysis of your tender specifications, our software is fully developed according to your needs. We offer you a real custom tool.



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To have an idea about the budget on the supply market in addition to a free and accurate evaluation of your project, (websites or mobile app creations), we suggest you visit the easiest way to have your tender specifications.

However, if the design cost exceeds your budget, Adizee will offer you a better deal for a better responsiveness.
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